"One of the best artist-in residence programs we have ever had. It tied in with our writing program and all classes were included. The students loved making up their own song and having it recorded. The CD of the student's songs is an educational and permanent reminder of the event. This was a wonderful week and Les has quite a way with kids--very accepting and encouraging of their creative process."
Hallsville Elementary School Fifth Grade Teacher

"Les is an interactive delight. The song creating program was age appropriate, fun and educational. The children were truly engaged in the entire process and loved hearing the CD of their songs. It was a terrific way to synthesize curriculum concepts!"
Booth Free School Teacher




A song-creating workshop for creatively fostering literacy and communication. A fun, imaginative, unique way of approaching any curriculum-related subject. Students help create a song then rehearse, perform, and record it in a creative hour long session which focuses on respectful creative process. Each classroom receives a CD of the songs created.



Young K-2 students need to know their community! This joyful residency is a collaboration with parents, teachers, students, and the artist to introduce students to members of their community: the fireman, policeman, nurse, shop owner, the pilot, the baker, and the candlestick maker, etc.



Since human beginnings we have sung our victories. Celebrate milestones like a graduation with a song. In two, one-hour sessions students create, rehearse, and record a special song. Graduating students welcome the opportunity to share what they've learned with their under-schoolmates and putting it into a song-lyric and singing it is a fun way to do it! They get to choose a song template and then brainstorm their title, chorus and verses. If there are multiple classes each gets to write there own verse. (three 5th grades=three verses.) This workshop can be expanded to include performance to the larger school community. The school and participating classes get a CD.



There is simply no stronger way to express information and emotion than in a song. Positive behaviors, playfully and musically expressed are more easily remembered by students. Please check out 
"We've Got The Power at Bowers" and "We Make It Happen At Lake Street School"   http://lesjulian.com.hostbaby.com/workshop_songs on the WORKSHOPS sub-page WORKSHOP SONGS. In the case of Bowers' School song, verses were written in five one-hour sessions by chosen student representatives from each of Bowers' grades so all the classes participated. The teachers then selected the best of the verses. The song was rehearsed in every class using a CD copy performed and sung by Les Julian. In a GIANT recording session/assembly the entire school sang the chorus. The school and participating classes each got a complimentary CD but Bowers School went another step ordering 1000 CDs which have been handed out to every in-coming Kindergarten class since.

In the case of Lake Street School I had a brainstorming/writing session with each 5th grade class, followed by editing by the teachers and I, followed by song rehearsals and finally a classroom recording session.

Les Julian's song writing sessions were an easy way for students at Bowers to demonstrate our three school wide behavior expectations: Be safe, respectful, and responsible.

"Children learn best when they are actively involved and emotionally connected to their learning. Les Julian's song writing sessions were an easy way for students at Bowers to demonstrate our three school wide behavior expectations: Be safe, respectful, and responsible. Eight months later, on January 4, 2007, our school auditorium became a recording studio! With Les as our musical key, the power at Bowers was unlocked and the students sang out - 'We've got the power at Bowers, a power that is big a strong! Every minute every hour it's the power to all get along!'Dr. Mary Lou Ruggiero-Principal