Diane Wyckoff-Director Library Arts (A Headstart Program in Bridgeport)

Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the wonderful, uplifting, sparkling, fun-filed, warm, toe-tapping, laughing-it-up, smiling, interactive, joyful, song fest which you provided for all of us yesterday at ABCD, Child Care. People are still talking about what a great show you gave and how much they enjoyed it!

From where I sat and sat the little ones down, I was able to observe a bunch of down-cast expressions not only on the faces of the children but the teachers as well, and not even 5 seconds into your first song was there a grim face in the room. You have the most wonderful rapport with the children, well, with everyone, and you hold them in the palm of your hand with their interest and happiness bubbling over – and the gloom is dispelled.

So, Mr. Les, maybe I should call you “Mr. Magical Les”!!!

Thanks, that was just great, and as I maintained, if I had a lot of money I would have you circulating within our sites many, many more times during the school year.


Pokey Crocker, Executive Director of The Discovery Center in Binghamton, NY

"A happy day is when Les connects with a roomful of children. His songs, his music and his imagination are good for everyone's soul. Children respond to him in an instant! Eyes sparkle, laughter is instanteous and all is right with the world. His songs are of everyday, of families, of personal strengths and weaknesses that is the self-esteem builder so necessary for so many. A concert with Les is MORE than anyone can imagine."

Autumn in the Park Coordinator

"Les Julian's performance was full of energy and excitement which drew people to him from across the park. Not only was he entertaining, but the lyrics to his songs were educational. He was able to communicate his love for the human race through his witty and inspirational songs."

Ginna Paules-Director, Fairfield, CT Recreation

"Les has delighted Fairfield audiences the last thirteen summers in our concert series and I'm inviting him back this summer 2014!"

Diane Suarez Phillips, Coordinator of Youth Programs-North Carolina Museum of Art


"Your delightful selection of original music entertained all ages!"




Judy Naden, Children's Librarian, New Haven Free Public Library

"Many of you are probably already aware of Les Julian's terrific talent as a songwriter and singer - and his ability to wow a crowd. Yesterday we had almost 250 people at the New haven Free Public Library's End-of-Summer Reading Party. Les had everyone singing, clapping and swinging--regardless of age! He is a true professional and the nicest, easiest person to work with to boot."

Valerie G. Annis, Library Director, Minor Memorial Library

“Thank you for your wonderful performance at this year’s Tellebration event. How lucky we were to have you as our surprise guest!! Your performance absolutely delighted our audience. We hope we will be able to enjoy another one of your exciting programs in the future. Thanks again for sharing your special talents with us!!”

Sherelle Harris, Children’s Librarian, South Norwalk Branch Library

“We had Les Julian at the South Norwalk Branch Library and it was one of our very favorite programs. His music bridges generations. He was truly professional and the fact that he loves the music he performs is evident and passed on to the crowd.”


Nancy Mercer-LEARN Program & SW-PBS Coordinator

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful programs you provided my students.  It is such a pleasure to work with an artist that captivates their audience with their enthusiasm and special talents.  The teachers enjoyed your performance AND several commented on how impressed they were with your ability to fascinate, charm and delight their students for that length of time!

I look forward to seeing you again next year and wish you much happiness and good health throughout the year.

Thank you, thank you!! 

Booth Free School Teacher

"Les is an interactive delight. The song creating program was age appropriate, fun and educational. The children were truly engaged in the entire process and loved hearing the CD of their songs. It was a terrific way to synthesize curriculum concepts!"

CT Plunkett School Teacher

"I was very impressed with Mr. Julian's understanding of young chldren and their diverse needs. He made them all feel comfortable and accepted."

Lake Street School Third Grade Teacher

"I absolutely recommend Les' show. It was fun, organized, and related to our basic school values--respect, responsiblity, and cooperation. Great stories, too!"

Bower's School Third Grade Teacher

"My class loved this! It was an awesome, fabulous performance! I loved the audience participation and would love to see you next year! A great treat after the CMT's."

Charlestown Primary School Teacher

"Les obviously loves his work. His energy and enthusiasm was awesome; he connected with all ages and grade levels. His song lyrics fostered acceptance and compassion. Kids who don't shine in the classroom were certainly shining during his program!"

M. Colandria-Allen Roberts ES-New Providence, NJ

"In my experience, it is unusual to happen upon an excellent performer through a brochure received in the mail without the benefit of a personal recommendation. I'm glad I took the risk as your assembly was truly one of the best this year!"

7th & 8th Gr.Teacher-Immanuel Lutheran School

"LJ helps kids express themselves in a fun, creative, nongrading way. Great rapport with the students! Come Back!"


Hallsville Elementary School Fifth Grade Teacher

"One of the best artist-in residence programs we have ever had. It tied in with our writing program and all classes were included. The students loved making up their own song and having it recorded. The CD of the student's songs is an educational and permanent reminder of the event. This was a wonderful week and Les has quite a way with kids--very accepting and encouraging of their creative process."

Crosby Elementary School Fourth Grade Teacher

"This has been my favorite cultural arts program in my fourteen years teaching in the Pittsfield School District. I loved the kid's involvement and their song and the CD. Thank you."

Barkhamstead El. School-C.Twarog & J.Davy

"Thank you so much for three days of pure inspiration and creative fun! Your songs and workshops left us with positive messages that encouraged thinking beyond boundaries, setting high goals and helping others."



"CT Based musician Les Julian shows a wide range of musical talent on these 14 catchy tunes (GOOD THINGS HAPPEN!), a 2009 Parent's Choice and NAPPA Gold Award winner. Humor abounds in the lyrics of an Elvis-channeled tune ("You Can't Eat Cheerios With Your Nose") and a samba called "Butterfly". Julian tips his hat to differences in world cultures in "We All Laugh in the Same Language". Several inspirational songs teach as they entertain: the title cut and "Knock, Knock" (tunes about heroes who were encouraged to persevere), "Mighty Jackie the Strikeout Queen" (the story of the girl who struck out Babe Ruth in 1931), "The Mad Zapper" (a tongue-in-cheek revelation of Ben Franklin's discovery of electricity) and "Be Good to Mother" (an ode to Mother Earth, with a green reminder). Julian mixes it up with a haunting song perfect for Halloween (Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha), a driving rock number for Chinese New Year (Do the Dragon Dance), a classic pop tune about "Punxsutawney Phil" and an Irish ditty that reminds listeners to be nice to strangers ("Candy Apples). Most of the songs were either written by or co-written by Julian and each one is a winner! His full, rich baratone compares well with Harry Connick Jr's." Stephanie Bange, Wright State Univ., Dayton, Ohio

NAPPA (National Parenting Publications Association) REVIEW

"Each of the 14 songs in this highly entertaining and exceptionally produced album is a mini-story of positive values, surprising heroes and feel-good music. Julian’s strong clear baritone voice is a standout – a beacon sending out upbeat messages in these superbly clever songs. I can’t wait to hear more from him!"



"Les Julian's songs and lyrics are witty and intelligent, employing complex musical forms and poetic ideas that work especially well for grade-schoolers. "Good Things Happen. . . but you must show up" opens the album, giving wonderful examples of people like Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, Babe Ruth and Ella Fitzgerald, who didn't let self doubt or public opinion sway them from accomplishment. On the Swing-style "Knock Knock," Julian name checks Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison, while on "Mighty Jackie the Strikeout Queen," he tells a tale of great female baseball player. Elsewhere, he sings the story of "Punxsutawney Phil," and "The Mad Zapper" humorously tells of Ben Franklin's sometimes annoying fascination with electricity. When Julian turns his talents to tunes about nature, he delivers "Walkin' in an Elephant's Shoes," and the beautifully syncopated ode to the Earth-"Be Good To Mother." Aside from the terrific electric blues of "Do the Dragon Dance," the album's other highlight is the closing "Train Track, Train Track," a wonderfully pastoral tale of travel.

Julian sets a high bar for other children's artists; his albums are consistently professional, well written, and sung in a voice that could melt butter."  Lahri Bond   ©2009 Parents' Choice

Diana Huss Greene, Editor-in-Chief-PARENT'S MAGAZINE 

"It's a joy to see work as unique and fine as yours!"


"LJ has created a recording to stir the imagination and create new possibilities for life!"

LAURA-A MOM from Stratford, CT.

"We are obsessively listening to 'Color Outside the Lines' in the car and hope to have a new C.D. for Christmas. We saw you at the Stratford Library. Thank you for giving the gift of music to children of all ages!"