Good Things Happen (But You Must Show Up)
©Les Julian

Verse 1
Little Albert Einstein finally spoke his first words in his fourth year
He began to read at seven, a late bloomer kids called him weird
On his fifth day of school he refused to go afraid of being teased
His mother sat with him on his bed and said listen Albert please

  Good things happen but you must show up
You never know what you will find
Don't you give in and never ever give up
You can dream, wish and hope, you can laugh, you can cry
But you're on your way when you show up and try

Verse 2
Walt Disney worked for a newspaper many years before Mickey Mouse
He was fired for having "no good ideas" and he sadly walked back to his house
Down in his room with his cartoons questioning his ideas
His father knocked and opened his door saying listen Walter  please
Verse 3
Babe Ruth struck out about three times for every homerun that he hit
Martin Luther King kept marching on for equal rights and never quit
Ella Fitzgerald, Indira Ghandhi -they show up in history
The list goes on and on and on and on to you and me

Mighty Jackie The Strikeout Queen
©Marla Lewis  and Les Julian
The year was 1931 an exhibition baseball game
The Yankees played an unknown team Chattanooga Lookouts was its name
Babe Ruth stepped up to bat to the pitcher he tipped his hat
What happened next may sound absurd but it’s the truth every word
Verse 1
Strike one-caught the corner- Babe watched that ball whiz by
Strike two-sinking slider Babe swung and missed this time
He scowled at the pitcher-that puny thing
The crowd was on its feet and before Babe knew what was happening
Strike three!-down the middle the greatest hitter in the world
Stormed back-to the dugout he’d just been struck out by a girl!  

Mighty Jackie the strikeout queen Struck ‘em out at seventeen 
Every paper and magazine cheered for Jackie Mitchell the Strikeout Queen 
Verse 2
Up next Lou Gehrig Better known as Iron Horse
First pitch  wicked slider he slammed the air with mighty force
Lou glared at the pitcher he checked his swing
The crowd went crazy (now) and before Lou knew what was happening
Strike three! it was over witnessed by the whole wide world
Lou stormed to the dugout he’d just been struck out by a girl!  

The commissioner decided that Jackie should be fired 'cause baseball’s not a woman’s  game
But we know the truth she struck out Ruth You'll find her at the hall of fame

We All Laugh In the Same Language

©Marla Lewis

Carlos says “Hola”Sun Lee says “Nee-how.”
Chantal says “Bonjour” Mario says, “Ciao.
Sasha says, “Pri-vyet” Thomas says “Jambo”
Sarala says, “Mah-rah-ba” Kaitlyn says, “Hello” (but)
We all laugh in the same language We all love to learn and play
Our hearts beat in the same rhythm Round the world, we’re all the same
We all cry when we feel sorrow We all love our families
We all pray for a better tomorrow Round the world, you and me
Raj rides a rickshaw Nigel takes the bus
Gabe drives a bobsled Cynda walks through dust
Early each morning Just like me and you
Children all around the world Are on their way to school!


We’re Ebony, ivory, Bronze and gold and tan
We’re citizens of Planet Earth A Family of Man
Caucasian, Eurasian, Tibetan, Malaysian Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese
Algerian, Syrian, Lithuanian, Rumanian, Danish, Turkish, Swedish, Kurdish
Alsatian, Croatian, Russian, Prussian, American, Canadian, Mexican, Arcadian
Bantu, Hebrew, Cree, AborigineHopi, Cherokee, Navajo, Seminole

Punxsutawney Phil

Every February second at Gobbler's Nob Phil the groundhog does his job
Predictin' how long winter will last thousands come for the big forecast
The MC's spiffy in his tall tophat he gives a speech and the people clap
Up pops Phil from his groundhog hole the crowd is hushed there's a loud drumroll

Now Punxatawney Phil sees his shadow Winter's gonna be another six weeks long
But if he don't see nada soon the robin's gonna sing her song
Now Punxatawney Phil sees his shadow Winters gonna be another six weeks long
But if he don't see nada soon the robin's gonna sing her song

The groundhog whispers in the MC's ear as everybody strains to hear
Tophat nods and shouts the news six more weeks of winter blues

Now Punxatawney Phil sees his shadow Winter's gonna be another six weeks long
He's got foolproof data-hundred years and never once been wrong
Punxatawney Phil saw his shadow Winter's gonna be another six weeks long
He's got foolproof data-hundred years and never once been wrong
Vs Instr

Be Good To Mother   
©Les Julian

Verse 1
She sings to me with the bees and birds and the wind in the trees
Washing my face her rain and rivers run down the drain gurgling to the sea
Mother, be good to mother
Only got one mother, one mother earth
Verse 2
Leather and cloth-she gives to me for clothes to wear
Open my door, step outside and deeply breath her fresh and precious air
Mother who gives and gives and gives to Children she asks nothing of 
Mother cannot give forever She needs respect and love
Verse 3
She gives me steel, stone and wood to build my home
Oil for light, paper for the books I read and coal to warm my bones 

© les julian
Verse 1
A chrysalis, once you hung out but now Your wings are orange, yellow, blue, green and black
Those can't fill-your-belly-days a caterpillar's hungry ways Have past by now you fly above the lilac
Butterfly flutter on by
Floating on the breeze
Butterfly you and I
On butterflying we agree
Verse 2
You sun your wings drinking in nectar for Hours from flowers like beebaum and rose
The garden's got your dinner you aren't worried 'bout the winter Go gently there's plenty right under your nose 
I wonder what you've been through!
I wonder where you'll go